Migoti Hill, Burundi
Cult Espresso

Migoti Hill, Burundi

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TASTE Blackcurrant, Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate
FARM/MILL Migoti Hill
VARIETAL Red Bourbon
ORIGIN Gomvyi, Burundi
ALTITUDE 1500-2000 masl


Back for a second time the Migoti Coffee Company sources some of the best coffee in Burundi, working through their washing stations to purchase cherries directly from farmers high in the mountains overlooking Lake Tanganyika. The company is a vision of two engineers, both born in Burundi, who desire to see coffee-producing communities revitalized and economically transformed.

Migoti’s vision is to connect local coffee farmers with international buyers and roasters through quality coffee processing and transparent supply chains.

The washing station employs ten permanent employees, along with over two hundred and fifty seasonal workers, most of whom are women. They also reach out to farmers in order to provide education on the proper maintenance of coffee trees, which in turn contributes toward increase crop yields and quality.

 This lot is a juicy well rounded cup, with notes of Black Currant, Black Cherry and Dark Chocolate