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Felix Diaz Geisha, Colombia

Felix Diaz Geisha, Colombia

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TASTE Black Plum, Peach, Raspberry, Honey
ORIGIN Colombia, Huila
FARM/MILL El Renacer
2000 MASL

Mr Felix Diaz has been passionate about coffee for many years, before coffee he was a professional hairdresser, a job that he enjoyed doing for 25 years. Felix has an adventurous spirit and would travel to various places in Colombia. On one of these journeys Felix reached the municipality of Putumayo where he decides to settle and dedicate himself to agriculture.

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Felix, like many people who work and live in rural areas of Colombia, saw a great opportunity in illicit crops since it was one of the only profitable and well-known businesses in the area, even though it was illegal. But he was surrounded by war and had to face a family tragedy with the death of his mother, this turns his life upside down, taking him back to his homeland Huila where he inherits Renacer farm. This is where Felix found his new passion at the hands of his great and unconditional partner Albaney, who is also one outstanding coffee producer who also works with Cata Exports.

It is there where they would start a new path in coffee, at that time there was no great knowledge of growing specialty coffee, but their neighbour invited them to a meeting with coffee growers where they realised how wonderful the world of coffee is. With a great sense of community and the complexity of coffee itself, Felix says that the Renacer farm is not only a place with optimal climate, soil and nutrition conditions, but also it is where the manual and personal process guarantees an excellent coffee bean.



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